Wonders of The All World is an informative site, where you can find everything related to the most astonishing wonders of the world. We make earnest efforts to offer an unbiased view of the different locations round the world. Here, you can find everything related to Madidi National Park, South America, Jeju Island, Korea, Black Forest, Germany, Wadi Rum, Jordan, Azul waterfall, Mexico, Ajanta Ellora, India, Golden Temple, India, Konark Sun Temple, India and many more. No matter, whether you are a nature lover or ardent follower of art and culture, we can offer a simple answer to your entire quest for knowledge.  


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New Seven Wonders of World
Great Wall of China
Petra in Jordan
Christ the Redeemer
Machu Picchu
Chichen Itza Pyramid
Colosseum in Rome
Taj Mahal
Natural Travel Wonders
Serengeti Migration
Galápagos Islands
Grand Canyon
Iguazu Falls
Amazon Rainforest
Ngorongoro Crater
Great Barrier Reef
Victoria Falls
Bora Bora
Wonders of Modern World
Golden Gate Bridge
CN Tower
Empire State Building
Itaipu Dam
Delta Works
Panama Canal
Channel Tunnel
Natural Wonders of World
Grand Canyon
Great Barrier Reef
Harbor of Rio de Janeiro

Wonders of the Modern World

Finadvis Golden Gate Bridge
CN Tower
Empire State Building
Itaipu Dam
Delta Works
Panama Canal
Channel Tunnel

Several lists have been made of the wonders of the world constructed in the modern times. As per the American Society of Civil Engineers the most notable wonders of the modern world are Channel Tunnel, CN Tower, Empire State Building, Golden Gate Bridge, Itaipu Dam, Delta Works and Panama Canal.

Wonders of the Underwater World

Belize Barrier Reef
Great Barrier Reef
Deep-Sea Vents
Galapagos Islands
Lake Baikal
Northern Red Sea

The CEDAM International (conservation, education, diving, awareness, marine research) led to creation of the seven wonders of the underwater world. These include Palau, Belize Barrier Reef, Great Barrier Reef, Deep Sea Vents, Galapagos Islands, Lake Baikal and Northern Red Sea.

Wonders of the Industrial World

SS Great Eastern
Bell Rock Lighthouse
Brooklyn Bridge
London sewerage system
First Transcontinental Railroad
Panama Canal
Hoover Dam

In the year 2003, the BBC made a documentary series on the Deborah Cadbury’s book Seven Wonders of the Industrial World. It depicted the stories of the great accomplishments of engineering of 19th and 20th century. These are SS Great Eastern,    Bell Rock Lighthouse, Brooklyn Bridge, London sewerage system, First Transcontinental Railroad, Panama Canal and Hoover Dam.

Wonders of The World
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