Milford Sound, Fjord New Zealand - Oceania

Since 1954 Milford Sound has become one of the most preferred tourist destinations in the world. It was when the Homer tunnel was opened to traffic. It is located in the southwest of New Zealand and is its most popular tourist site. Here you can discover the magic and majesty of a real destination. This natural wonder was created by Tu Te Raki Whanoa, a Godly figure who came uttering incarnations. It is undoubtedly the finest sculpture. No matter, what climate is it in Fjord, whether its raining, glittering sun, it will definitely inspire your mood.

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Other Wonders of Oceania

Bora Bora

Bora Bora is a crumbling core of an extinct volcano, which is encircled by tropical lagoon, surrounded by a string of islets and that with coral reefs. This wonderful volcano is crowned two volcano core peaks covered with tropical foliage.

Great Barrier Reef

One of the most important Underwater Wonders of the World, the Great Barrier Reef is a 2000 km long coral reef system which is the largest in the world. It can even be seen from outer space.

The Twelve Apostles

A collection of natural limestone stacks which stands just off the Port Campbell National Park in Victoria, Australia are called as the Twelve Apostles. The original name of this site was Sow and Piglets but was changed in 1950’s to a more majestic name although there were just nine of those stacks left. read more...

Ayers Rock

Ayers Rock, also known as Uluru is the largest monolith and an Aboriginal sacred site in the famous natural landmark of Australia. It is the largest sandstone rock formation in the southern part of the Northern Territory of central Australia.

Franz Josef Glacier

The Franz Josef Glacier is a 12 km long glacier situated on the West Coast of the south island of the New Zealand. It may come to you as a complete surprise that it falls down from the Southern Alps to mere 240m above the sea level between a temperate rainforest and natural greenery.

Milford Sound

Since 1954 Milford Sound has become one of the most preferred tourist destinations in the world. It was when the Homer tunnel was opened to traffic. It is located in the southwest of New Zealand and is its most popular tourist site. read more...

McKenzie falls

McKenzie falls is a part of the Grampians National Park, which is situated approximately 250 km west of Melbourne, Australia. McKenzie falls is one of the most preferred tourist destinations, which attract a large number of tourists from all over the world. read more...


Wonders of The Other Worlds

Konark - Sun Temple

Konark also known as Konaditya is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Konark and Orissa. This magnificent temple exhibits the marvel of the architects, who envisioned and constructed it. . The name of this famous temple is derived from the term Kona, which means corner and ark means Sun. read more...

Shanghai World Financial Center

Shanghai World Financial Center is the third- tallest building of the world. It is 492 m high and 101 storey building and cost a total of 125 billion yen, as per president of Mori Building Co. Ltd, who was one of the major investor in the project. read more...

One Hundred Trees Oasis

The place where the Gobi Desert begins is an area where at an oasis, the herders and travellers can get some food and water and a place to stay. This place or area is called One Hundred Trees Oasis. read more...

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