Laguna Colorada, Bolivia - South America

Laguna Colorada is a shallow salt water lagoon which is present in Bolivia. This is considered to be the largest in Bolivia and one of the largest salt water ecosystems that are present. This is located 151 km to the south of San Juan and covers an area of 60 sq. km. the name of this lake literally means the “red lagoon”.

The colour of water in this lake appears to be red. This is due to the abundant presence of algae and plankton which have a red colouration. There are islands of borax present in the lagoon. Also, many minerals line the shore like white sodium deposits, magnesium, borax, gypsum etc. the main inhabitation of the lagoon are the flamingos that have three varieties breeding there. These are the Chilean flamingo (Phoenicopterus Chilensis), James flamingo (Phoenicopterus James), and the Andean flamingo (Phoenicopterus Andinus). The James Flamingos are however present in the most numbers.

Under the Ramsar Convention, the Laguna Colorada has been included in the list of Ramsar Wetlands of International Importance.

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