Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam is located in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River on the border between Arizona and Nevada. This is a concrete arch-gravity dam which was completed in 1935. Earlier it was also called as the Boulder Canyon project due to its location in Boulder Canyon which was then changed later on. When completed, the Hoover Dam was the largest electric power producing facility in the world and also the largest concrete structure that was constructed then. Currently the dam is the 34th largest hydroelectric generating station.

The dam was named after the then president Herbert Hoover who played a very important role in its construction. The construction of the dam started in 1931 and was finished two years of schedule. This was done so as to create more employment opportunities in the times of the Great Depression. The reservoir that is created behind the dam is called Lake Mead after Elwood Mead who overlooked construction of the dam.

Systematic planning and construction of the dam was done so as to facilitate the concrete pouring and then it’s curing which could take up to 125 years and could cause cracks if done carelessly. Many untried techniques were followed for the construction of the dam and now it stands on the border which divides two time zones. Also, the dam works as a highway between the two states of Arizona and Nevada.

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