Flaming Cliffs, Mongolia - Asia

Located in the cold Gobi Desert in Asia which is the fourth largest in the world, Flaming Cliffs is an area which has bare rocks standing tall at a great height. This area is called Bayanzag in Mongolian meaning "rich in saxaul shrubs". This place gets its name from the surreal orange glow that is has which gives the impression of flames leaping in the sky. This name was given by American paleontologist Roy Chapman Andrews in the 1920s.

This place is famous for its important fossil finds that have been made here. The first dinosaur egg nests were found here. Other finds in the area include specimens of Velociraptor. This place and the surrounding regions sustain many animals which include black-tailed gazelles, marbled polecats, bactrian camels and sandplovers, and are occasionally visited by snow leopards, brown bears, and wolves.

The north-western part of the Gobi Desert which is called the Nemegt Basin is also famous for its dinosaur fossil treasures.


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