Black Forest, Forest, Germany - Europe

The Black Forest is one of the most preferred tourist destinations. It is a perfect blend of exquisite outdoor scenic beauty with unique prevalent customs, fare and products. Much of the economy of this place is boosted by tourism. Germany’s woodworking and timber industry are another source of income. Being a crucial part, forests are managed here with great caution, as its ecology and economy are interrelated.

Here, you will find traditional cottage industry along with carved ornaments, which are produced in extensive numbers. One of its most potent examples is Cuckoo clocks, which were made in this region since the early 18th century.

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Other Wonders of Europe

Loch Ness

Loch Ness is one of the most famous lakes and the largest in volume in whole of Scotland. This lake is 23 miles long and about a mile wide at the most places.

Black Forest

The Black Forest is one of the most preferred tourist destinations. It is a perfect blend of exquisite outdoor scenic beauty with unique prevalent customs, fare and products. read more...

Blue Grotto

Blue Grotto is situated in Italy, Europe and it is one of the most popular caves in the world. Today, it is known as the blue light, which is primarily the reason for why it is so famous round the world.

Vesuvius Volcano

Vesuvius is well known for the catastrophic eruption in 79 AD, which obscured the towns of Herculaneum and Pompeii. It is an intricate volcano and has a long history of the oldest dated rock, almost 300,000 yrs old. read more...

Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc is also referred to as "La Dame Blanche", which is the French name for "the white lady". This mountain is located on Alps, Western Europe, between Aosta Valley and Haute Savoie, France. read more...

Davolja Varos

Davolja Varos, peculiar Rock Formation located in the southerb extent of Serbia is one of the most popular sites of visit in Europe. Davolja Varos literally means ‘Devil Town’, which was given the locales owing to the mysterious formation of these rock towers. read more...


Wonders of The Other Worlds

Konark - Sun Temple

Konark also known as Konaditya is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Konark and Orissa. This magnificent temple exhibits the marvel of the architects, who envisioned and constructed it. . The name of this famous temple is derived from the term Kona, which means corner and ark means Sun. read more...

Shanghai World Financial Center

Shanghai World Financial Center is the third- tallest building of the world. It is 492 m high and 101 storey building and cost a total of 125 billion yen, as per president of Mori Building Co. Ltd, who was one of the major investor in the project. read more...

One Hundred Trees Oasis

The place where the Gobi Desert begins is an area where at an oasis, the herders and travellers can get some food and water and a place to stay. This place or area is called One Hundred Trees Oasis. read more...

The white nile

The Nile is the longest river in the world and flows in the north of Africa. The White Nile is a river of Africa and is one of the two tributaries of the Nile, apart from the Blue Nile. read more...

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